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Focus Robotics Partner Overview

Vision sensors will be the foundation of many commercial robotic and automation
products in the coming years. The Focus Robotics nDepth™ vision processor
overcomes the high computational cost and complexity of processing depth
information. Using standard camera sensors, the nDepth™ processor provides
752x480 pixels of depth information at a rate of up to 60 frames per second all
in a low cost, low power FPGA. By isolating the cost and complexity of vision
in a separate processor, companies wanting to use vision in their products can
focus on tasks that deliver value in their core business.

Focus Robotics is committed to creating relationships with robotic and
automation firms to help them bring the value of depth perception to their
products. Whether your design demands OEM level integration, or you just
want an off the shelf PCI or USB stereo vision system, Focus Robotics has
the right solution for you.

Integration Partnerships

Focus Robotics is committed to helping companies take advantage of vision
technology today. We work with our integration partners to ensure seamless
integration of our products with their hardware and software systems. And we
listen to our partners to create solutions that meet their specific needs.

Advantages of a integration partnership with Focus Robotics:

  • Direct assistance in porting to your system.
  • Custom vision processors, processor card form factors and hardware interfaces.
  • Custom camera mounts and interfaces.
  • Custom software APIs and driver access.
  • Joint marketing materials.
  • Joint sales and distribution efforts.

Contact us to learn more.

Technology Partnerships

We are interested in establishing technology partnerships with other companies who
share a similar interest in seeing vision technology reach its full potential. Companies
partner with us to leverage core technologies to reduce costs and time to market.

Advantages of a technology partnership with Focus Robotics:

  • Collateral development.
  • Creation of standard interfaces and protocols.
  • Licensing of IP (including Verilog cores).
  • Shared sub systems (including camera, host software).
  • Shared integration efforts (including open APIs).
  • Committed interoperability.
  • Joint marketing materials.
  • Joint sales and distribution efforts.

Examples of technology partner areas:

  • Robotic platform makers.
  • Robotic system software companies.
  • Vision integrators.
  • Camera and image sensor companies.
  • Vision and robotics researchers.

Contact us to learn more.