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The Focus Robotics nDepth Stereo Vision Processor is a collection of individual
IP Cores that work together to provide real-time depth perception. A Camera IP
core interfaces to an external stereo camera and writes raw images to memory.
A Calibration IP Core reads the raw images and generates rectified and
undistorted images using translation coordinates from memory. A Correlation
IP Core reads the calibrated images, performs the dense stereo matching, and
writes the resulting disparity image to memory. A PCI or CUSTOM core is used
to DMA the raw, calibrated, or disparity images to a host PC, DSP or embedded
system as needed. All cores utilize a simple packet based interface for memory
and control access.

Available Cores


System Diagram


Consulting Services

Focus Robotics can customize any these cores to suite your needs. We can also
design a custom stereo, video, or interface core to your specification. Leverage
our considerable experiance and design expertise for your next vision project.

FPGA Development System

An FPGA development system including nDepth™ vision processor, stereo camera, PCI
interface and software is avialble to assist developers who are looking to
evaluate the technology and incorporate it in their products. The nDepth™
vision processor itself is available for integration as a Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA
or a Verilog IP core.

Technical Specifications

Please call for detailed IP core
brochures and product briefs. We would be happy to provide
additional information on any area and talk with you about your stereo needs.